Who we are

We are a team of cyber security experts and network engineers who firmly believe that privacy is a basic human right. Anyone should be able to communicate freely, without fear of persecution. With the way our world is changing, with censorship and constant surveillance being normalized, privacy is now more important than ever, regardless of where you are and what you do.

We believe that without privacy it is impossible to be independent, to be free.

We all should be able to get free unmonitored access to knowledge, to connect with like-minded individuals, to voice our opinions without fear for our future.

What is v2ray?

v2ray is an open source software designed for internet privacy and breaking through censorship. Client software available on Windows, MacOs, IOS, and Android.

Why v2ray?

It is illegal to use VPN in many countries.

While you may still be able to access Tor network or your favorite VPN provider, doing so creates a permanent record about such activity.

VPN and Tor connections are easily detected by governments. Some countries outright block one or both.

v2ray is technically not a VPN, and this fact may come in handy if your government ever decides to crack down.

v2ray means less exposure to potential prosecution.

v2ray is based on a stateless protocol and runs well over congested or lossy networks.

Logging and data sale

It is no longer a secret that some of the most popular VPN providers sell your browsing data to third parties. The same service providers which are promising to take care of your privacy, are doing literally the opposite.

We do not keep logs of your usage. There is nothing to sell or share.

No registration

We are not asking for any personal information, not even your e-mail address.

Access to our services is provided based on a passphrase of your choice.

We only store a hash value of your passphrase.

There is a downside: if you ever lose your passphrase, there is no way to recover your account.

Private payments

Most VPN providers require that you provide payment information, which is then shared with a third-party processing platform (like Paypal, Visa, Mastercard, American Express etc). Now your bank and its affiliates know you ordered a VPN service... not so great! Clearly there is a problem with this approach.

We solved this by processing payments entirely on our platform. None of your payment information leaves our servers.

There is a downside: only Crypto payments are possible with this approach.

Also, please keep in mind that Bitcoin payments are not anonymous. For better privacy use Monero (XMR), which we also accept.

Services are activated after just one confirmation, which is usually within 5-15 minutes.

Better support for congested/lossy networks

v2ray is based on a stateless protocol, meaning it handles lossy networks much better than a tcp-based VPN would. Interruptions in network connectivity do not lead to connection failure, because there is no "VPN connection" in a traditional sense.

TCP transport

Some places block UDP protocol, which makes VPN usage nearly impossible if you use Wireguard-based service.

v2ray utilizes tcp for transport, which is allowed everywhere.

Periodic IP address rotation

Our platform periodically rotates service IP addresses to improve privacy and reduce the impact of Captchas on your browsing activity.

This also addresses some government firewalls (like GFW etc).

CN2 GIA BGP connectivity

For our Chinese clients we offer CN2 GIA connection for best access speeds to/from China.

Network throughput acceleration

We use BBR, as well as other TCP stack optimizations, to better handle congested networks and significantly speed up data transfers.

No virtual network adapter necessary

On Windows platform, v2ray can be completely portable and does not require elevated privileges at all. This is because it is technically not a VPN (does not create a new virtual network interface) and no driver installation is necessary.