Privacy Policy

First and foremost, we do not share any of your information with anyone else. Additionally, we only collect a minuscule amount of information about you, and the purpose of this document is to disclose what that information is and what it is used for.


We do not accept any payment methods that would require sharing your personal information with any third party.

We process payments within our network; no third party organization is involved in payment processing in any way beyond relevant cryptocurrency networks. Since we only accept Crypto currencies, not much information can be collected beyond what is strictly necessary to process a payment.

We store an Invoice ID (automatically generated) as well as Transaction ID of each crypto payment (provided by the payment network).


We only use cookies to save a hash value of your Access Key, and to record referrals for our partner program. This allows us to log you in and out of your account, and associate a specific service with the hash value of your Access Key.

No other information is being stored within a Cookie.

Account identifiers

We never store your actual account Access Key in our database; only sha256 value of it is recorded. For this reason, it is not possible to restore a lost Access Key.

We do not collect your e-mail address, your IP address, or any other information about you.


We do not collect any logs on any of our v2ray servers. Our web server does not record true IP addresses of visitors to our website. We reserve the right to record such information temporarily, for example, to address a specific attack, in order to block such an attack. We delete all collected information promptly once the specific attack/issue is resolved.

In order to limit simultaneous connections initiated under a single client account, our servers exchange only very basic information about such connections: connection port number and a hash value of the Source IP address of the connection. This information is deleted after a timeout of approximately 15 minutes of not using the connection.

Data transfer usage

Some of our plans offer a data transfer cap. Our servers record the number of bytes transferred through v2ray every 5 minutes, and this number is added to a single service counter. We do not keep bandwidth utilization history beyond this one number of bytes transferred.


We do not use any sort of analytics-related software.